My family here and the ones in Cape Town who have visited me all agree that where I am living is perfect for me. I feel safe with so many friendly helpful people around me. I am completely independent living in my one bedroom house. I order my groceries on line from Tesco and have them delivered.


I value my independence but feel very safe and secure in knowing that there is always someone near if I need assistance.

A Happy Tenant
I have been living here for five years since my retirement. The houses are tastefully decorated & fitted out with every modern convenience. Words fail to express how much I enjoy living here; it’s a little bit of heaven. Do come & see for yourselves.
Ann Originally from Wexford
It was always a pleasure & inspiration to visit him. Having visited in many nursing homes I would hold him up as the one who best adapted to being in a nursing home & being involved in all the activities. Some of the credit must go to the atmosphere in the home & the variety of activities provided.
A visitor In memory of their late friend

I meet a lot of friends here, the food is great, I get my hair done regularly and my nails painted.


I like it here because we are allowed live our life as we wish, this is catered for in every possibly way. We are kept busy in our own way.


I like the entertainment, the people are very nice, the company is very good, the food is excellent. Staff are very kind and considerate. A place for a good laugh.


Good entertainment that keeps the mind and body working. The staff are great individuals that give very special attention. I can come and go as I please.


As far as I’m concerned I’m the happiest man ever. I wouldn’t leave here for anything. I have too many good friends. I weed the garden and plant the vegetables. I am here forever.

Thank you for all the support and care you provided to my aunt, she always feared old age, and what would become of her as she was single. Gowran Abbey Nursing Home took her to its heart through all of you and provide her with a home, security and all the care she needed and deserved.
A visitor

Just a thank you for all your care and kindness during my stay with you. I appreciate it very much.

A visitor

Thank you for all that you’ve done at such a happy happy place, for all, both ill and well.

A visitor

Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Gowran Abbey Nursing home for the exceptional care and kindness to mum and me. I will never forget it.

A visitor
Thank you to all the medical, nursing and care staff for the wonderful care given to my mother. I will miss mother greatly but I feel her journey in Gowran Abbey could not have been better.
A visitor